Update: Elementals – Still in the Outline Phase

It’s one in the morning [at the time I’ve begun drafting this post] and I thought I’d stop by with an update on my elementally-powered superhero story.

It is still in the outline phase.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve started noticing some holes and plot points that I’d hurriedly put in to make the story flow that I’d much rather swap out for more plausible ideas.

For example: Do I really want the protagonists to ingest a magical serum, which they received in the mail one morning from an anonymous sender, to acquire their powers?  That seems like a bad influence on my readers, and it really doesn’t make much sense.  Plus, who’s supposed to have sent it to them and why?  My reasons for that really make no sense.

I feel that making these little changes to the outline itself nips a lot of the same problems I faced with Seaport at the bud.  Plus, while I have a nicely developing story, I’m just not yet in the right mood to start writing it yet.  If I push myself to write it now, it’s just going to sound stilted and weird, and you really don’t want to read that.

In some ways, this story is intended to parody the Babysitters Club books.  For starters, there’s an ensemble cast of super-hip preteen girls who are wise and mature beyond their years.  Should I have each story narrated from the first-person perspective, like in the BSC?  Should the first book be from multiple perspectives?  (I personally dislike reading stories with multiple “I” narrators.)

If I write in the first-person POV at all, I’m wondering if I’ll be any good at making each character’s voice unique … and sound convincingly twelve years old.  Either way, I’m seriously considering giving them “handwritten” journal entries which candidly chronicle their superheroic (mis)adventures.

(Also, on a side note: want to help me think of a cool name for my water-element heroine?  I’m leaning towards something exotic and foreign sounding – preferably something that doesn’t sound remotely like Korra, because I don’t want Nickelodeon coming after me!)

Anyway, there are some random, midnightly writerly musings. 😀

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