“I Write MG/YA” author blog tag

Let’s see if I can start a blog tag going.  The purpose of this tag is helping MG and YA authors of all levels of accomplishment get to know each other by answering a combination of random, funny, or frank writerly questions.  If you write stories for young readers, be it for fun or as a job, whether you’ve published anything or not, I want to hear from you!

Simply introduce yourself (however briefly or lengthily you’d like) and answer however many of these questions as you’d like!

  • Who are your favorite authors, and do they influence your writing?
  • Why do you write?
  • Is writing something you (would) do for a living, or is it just a hobby?
  • Do you enjoy reading the same genres that you enjoy writing?  Why or why not?
  • If you could use one GIF to describe your writerly self, what would it be?
  • How do you deal with writers’ block?
  • How do you feel about writing explicit content (e.g. “curse words” or suggestive content) in books for young people?  Why?
  • Have you written books for adults before/after writing for young readers?  What’s the transition between genres like?
  • What do you think of self-publishing versus traditional publishing?  If you’ve only published traditionally, would you ever self-publish?  And if you’re a self-published author, would you ever go the traditional route?
  • What’s one question you’ve been dying to ask other MG/YA writers?

Feel free to add or remove questions as you please, and leave a link here if you participate – I’m curious to see how far this gets (and if anyone who’s super-famous participates). 😉

Stay tuned for my answers next week….

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