After the Fall – Book Cover Mock-Up #1

Sometimes, I design mock-up covers just for the fun of it.  I can’t draw to save my life anymore, so this is like the best way for me to produce “concept art” for my story without breaking the bank by commissioning others to do it for me. 😛


What do you guys think?  A couple of months ago, I polled some of my friends on Young Writers Society and got this feedback about changes I could make:

  • The words “a novel” look out of place
  • It looks like “a hovel” due to my font choice
  • Overall, the cover gives off girly vibes
  • The font I used for “Fall” makes it look like it says “Tall”
  • The color for “Fall” might not match the other purples
  • It looks kind of “girly”
  • The background wallpaper with the carnival shadow looks kind of funny

In short, change the fonts, consider changing the color scheme to something a bit more gender-neutral, and consider doing away with the wallpaper.

Honestly, I like the wallpaper and carnival shadow thing, but I want there to be more colors.  As much as I love purple, I want to see a bit more … diversity to the color scheme, even if that means making it look a little girly.  My design was inspired by the cover of the very girly book 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass (which is a pretty cute story, by the way, despite its girliness), involving wallpaper in the background.


I want it to look like the bedroom wall of this teenage girl character from the 1960s, so the wallpaper element is staying, even if I don’t use that specific wallpaper.  (If you search “scrapbook” on Pixabay, you’ll find some nice, textured paper images that could almost pass for what I’m looking for.  Like this, this, this, or this.  They look like retro-y wallpaper, don’t they?)

And the carnival is very plot-relevant, so if I end up doing away with that image, I’ll find some other way to show it (i.e. a window with a ferris wheel showing through or something).

Anyway, what do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “After the Fall – Book Cover Mock-Up #1

    • Bri says:

      I think the sihouette and wallpaper look is great. I did not have any trouble reading the fonts but I can see how someone might get an H out of the N. Same goes for the F-T thing in Fall. I thought the different color on the word Fall also looked good. It made it stand out and almost look 3-D.

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