Save the Date: Story of ABBA for Young Readers Promotional Blog Tour!

Hi guys, my friend Becky’s doing a blog tour to help promote her book, which is coming out later this year.  If you’d like to take part, please see the official posting below for more info. 🙂
Teenage author and illustrator Becky Laine ( is releasing the revised, second edition of her book The Story of ABBA for Young Readers this December.  It’s a kid-friendly biography about the Swedish pop group ABBA, whose music was popular during the seventies and eighties.

From November 15th to December 16th, we’re inviting people across the literary blogosphere and the online ABBA fan community to participate in a blog tour leading up the book’s release.  And we’d like to invite you to join us! It’s a great way to help new authors gain exposure, and as a stop on the tour, your blog will be visited by all kinds of new readers.

If you’d like to take part, we have a few different posting options, depending on how many reservations we’ve received and Becky’s availability:
  • a standardized pre-written blog tour post;
  • an original interview (text-based) with the author/illustrator, Becky Laine;
  • a book review (advance digital copy of the book will be provided);
  • a unique, original post of your choice – feel free to use your imagination, we’re open to ideas!

All blogging participants will receive a standardized post outlining the information we’d like circulated during the tourFeel free to customize it to match your personal style!  Following the tour, all participants will receive a 25% off discount code for a print version of the book in return for your kind help.

Depending on availability, we may also be able to offer a giveaway for you to host on your website, as Becky hopes to be giving away a few autographed print copies of the new book.

If you’re interested in participating, please reply to this message, or contact us at storyofabbablogtour2016[at]gmail[dot]com by October 31st with the following information:

  • The name and URL of your blog/website
  • Available dates between November 15th and December 16th
  • Desired post format (e.g. standard prewritten, interview, book review, etc.)

We encourage you to reserve a spot early, especially if you are looking to make an original or interactive post involving Becky.  Allison Rose ( is organizing this tour, and will be happy to help you out if you have any questions or comments.  We encourage people under the age of 13 (aka minors) to get a parent or guardian’s permission prior to participating.

If you know any other bloggers who would be interested in participating, would you please help us out by passing this message along?

Thank you!


Author Bio Stuff

If there’s one thing I revise more often than my books, it’s my author bio.  I wanted to make it stand out and be unique, while accurately describing all the fandoms I like in a roundabout way.  That way, it also looks like I’m saying a lot, so nobody thinks to ask why I didn’t tell you where I live or how old I am.

I don’t think anybody got it, and three years later, I don’t think I like that approach much.

I had loads of fun writing a long, rambling “About Me” page on this blog, where I wrote very casually and from the first-person perspective.  It’s by no means professional-sounding, but it’s very “me.”  Let’s face it, we newbie/indie authors write those short, stuffy third-person bios ourselves.  We’re doing almost everything else ourselves, right? Continue reading →

The Writer’s Jukebox: “Safe and Sound” performed by Jackie Evancho

I remember being wowed by Jackie Evancho’s performance on America’s Got Talent all those years ago, and recently came across her YouTube channel showcasing her more recent work.  I hadn’t heard the original version of this song, and I’ve yet to read the book that inspired it either, but I think the singer’s operatic vocals are the perfect match for it.

Anyway, hearing this song puts me in a good state of mind for writing.  Hope it inspires you as well! 🙂

Review: Shirley Link and the Safe Case by Ben Zackheim

I snagged this eBook on BookBub a few months ago, and only found the time to read it recently.  I found this one browsing through the Middle Grade section, and it’s one of the few mystery books that wasn’t begging to be compared to Nancy Drew.  But if we are going to compare the two, Shirley Link is like Nancy Drew’s cooler cousin.

There are at least two mysteries in this eBook – the first, which I read, is the titular mystery story.  “The Safe Case” is in a setting familiar to many readers: middle school.  In this case (no pun intended), a safe containing a large sum of money is robbed – the safe itself included – and the principal is being held accountable by the school board.  It’s up to Shirley to prove his innocence … even if it doesn’t help her academic standing.  The mystery-solving process is fast-paced and filled with age-appropriate wit and humor. Continue reading →

I’m a “Designer” now?

Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

No, not like a fancy pair of designer jeans. I’m stepping in to a world of book cover design about which I’m pretty sure I only have the iceberg’s tip of knowledge but can’t wait to learn more. There are legal things that freak me out, a lot, but that would happen with just about any business I started. I have felt this before, with publishing, but the more I learn the less scary it becomes.

So I’m not fancy or perfect or THE best, but I’m here and I’m a hard worker with a passion for designing book covers. I design my own. I have literally looked at the covers of published books–ones I’ve read and some I haven’t–and just for the heck-of-it, designed new covers for them.

I want to help you design your next book cover! Pick me, pick me! I can be professional, but I also hope…

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Review: Vastian Lore by S.C. Gregory

Reviewer’s Notes: I received an autographed paperback copy of ‘Vastian Lore’ from a giveaway run by the author.  I’m choosing to review it – all opinions expressed herein are my own. Thanks so much, Steph, for the beautiful book – I’ll treasure it always! 🙂

I’m also trying out a slightly different format for this book review, in the style of my friend Olivia’s book reviews, which you can find here.  I tend to ramble, and her style is excellently concise.

<> <> <> <>

Title: Vastian Lore

Author: S.C. Gregory

Publisher: Self-published

Publishing Date: November 2015

Rating: 4/5 Stars Continue reading →

The Writer’s Jukebox: “For Elizabeth” by “Pretzels” Elizabeth by Pretzels

This piece was composed by a very clever online writer friend of mine.  Halfway through the song, it changes to have a very dark, mysterious, conflicted overtone.  Overall, I think it aptly reflects the ups and downs in the life of a character coincidentally named Beth in my WIP novel, After the Fall.  My current task for that project is planning out and writing that character’s diary entries, and listening to this beautiful song definitely helps get into the right mood for it.