Summer in Review + Autumn Writing Plans

I’m happy to say, I got a lot of writerly stuff done this summer.  I planned out two novels, and began drafting one of them.  I also got back into blogging, which was the first step to curing my writer’s block.  And speaking of which, I think I’ve finally recovered from a nasty, two-year battle with said writer’s block. 😀

I also got to read and review some awesome novels/novellas from my writerly friends Claire, Rachael, and Steph.  (Shameless plug: if you want me to review your MG/YA book, click here for more info.)

Long story short, this has been a great summer in terms of creativity and writing.

Now that Autumn is upon us, I do have school to worry about, but I have some a few writing goals I’m hoping to knock off in the coming months.

  • Complete first rough draft of After the Fall
    • Finish the protagonist’s narrative
    • Work on the flashback/diary entry sequences
  • Assemble team of beta-readers, get feedback for self-editing
    • I’ve never done this before; for better or worse, this is bound to be an enlightening experience…
  • Begin designing a text-based adventure game.
    • It occurred to me that the other story I outlined just might be interesting in a more interactive format.  Stay tuned…. 😉

I don’t know if/when I’ll actually publish this novel, but I know for now that I want to finish it before the year ends.  Wish me luck…?

6 thoughts on “Summer in Review + Autumn Writing Plans

  1. evelynkrieger says:

    Alison, this inspires me. Two-years? Wow. I can relate because over the past year I’ve only revised old writing and could not produce anything new or finish my novel due to family tragedy. I really like how you broke down your goals. I’ve heard the next step is to break those goals down into smaller steps and then assign times to work on them. Look forward to hearing your progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rachael Ritchey says:

    Keep up the great work! 🙂 It sounds like you’ve got a lot of great goals to accomplish, and I look forward to seeing where your writing (and beta reading, pick me! 😉 ) takes you, as well as this intriguing idea for the text-based game!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Olivia-Savannah says:

    You managed to get a lot done, and that is always a good thing! It’s actually impressive how much you did in the summer. Hopefully the productivity can continue and you can finish off all these other things too! And that rough draft ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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