I’m a “Designer” now?

Rachael Ritchey

No, not like a fancy pair of designer jeans. I’m stepping in to a world of book cover design about which I’m pretty sure I only have the iceberg’s tip of knowledge but can’t wait to learn more. There are legal things that freak me out, a lot, but that would happen with just about any business I started. I have felt this before, with publishing, but the more I learn the less scary it becomes.

So I’m not fancy or perfect or THE best, but I’m here and I’m a hard worker with a passion for designing book covers. I design my own. I have literally looked at the covers of published books–ones I’ve read and some I haven’t–and just for the heck-of-it, designed new covers for them.

I want to help you design your next book cover! Pick me, pick me! I can be professional, but I also hope…

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