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If there’s one thing I revise more often than my books, it’s my author bio.  I wanted to make it stand out and be unique, while accurately describing all the fandoms I like in a roundabout way.  That way, it also looks like I’m saying a lot, so nobody thinks to ask why I didn’t tell you where I live or how old I am.

I don’t think anybody got it, and three years later, I don’t think I like that approach much.

I had loads of fun writing a long, rambling “About Me” page on this blog, where I wrote very casually and from the first-person perspective.  It’s by no means professional-sounding, but it’s very “me.”  Let’s face it, we newbie/indie authors write those short, stuffy third-person bios ourselves.  We’re doing almost everything else ourselves, right?

As my friend and writing colleague Michael Gunter aptly put it:

Don’t believe everything you read. Particularly not everything you read about Michael Gunter. Since 95% of everything written about the guy is likely to have been written by him, there’s no guarantee that it’s completely truthful. For instance, the fact that he has never been seen in the same room as Batman shouldn’t be interpreted too far. Regardless of how often he points it out, you ought to exercise caution in believing it. Just saying.

As you can see, Michael’s very good at writing these kinds of author bios – he knows how to inject the right amount of humor into his so that it’s funny and professionalish (oh look, Allison’s making up words again) at the same time.

The thing is, I’m not sure I want to go with professional, or even professionalish with my bio.  I’m still (just barely) a teenager and would love to connect with my young readers (should I have any) on their level.  So I want version #9 of my author bio to feel like a casual conversation where (like most conversations with me) I’m telling you about myself. 😀  It would be from the first-person POV, kind of like the one on my site already, but it would need to be a LOT shorter.

Any suggestions for how to go about it?

2 thoughts on “Author Bio Stuff

  1. Rachael Ritchey says:

    I feel your pain. 😉 The struggle is real. I can’t even remember how many different about me pages I’ve written for my blog and not a one really screams “This is totally Rachael!!!!” haha I look forward to seeing what you decide to go with.

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  2. E. E. Rawls says:

    I’m still trying to figure out mine. Something that’s not boring, and is totally “me.” I look forward to what your new bio will be. I wish I could be more helpful and give advice, but I’m still learning it myself.


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