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Save the Date: 3rd Bloggiversary Bash

I looked back at my archives, and  I realized that the stuff on this blog goes back not one, not two, but three years.  My first post came out on the 28th of December, 2013.  It told the story of what might happen if all the (current) Doctors in Doctor Who attended a slumber party in the TARDIS (and what might happen to them if my friends and I were there too).  I’m confident that my writing and writerly cognitive state have matured a little since then…. 🙂

In celebration of this blog turning three, I’d like to host a small Q&A session in the spirit of my friend Elizabeth Rawls’ two-year blogiversary bash. 🙂

As me questions about writing, reading, fandom stuff, and even random stuff.  No guarantees that I’ll answer every question falling under the random category, but I want this to be fun for all.

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Old Blue Eyes

Trigger warning: hospitals and death of a loved one


I remember the last time I saw you

You lay there, motionless, in your hospital bed

Your limbs, once so animated, immobile

Your face, so full of joy, still but at peace

And the tapes you loved to hear at play

A thoughtful nurse had turned them on for you

Dear Old Blue Eyes crooned from the speaker

About meeting girls with moonlight in their eyes

How he found love with a stranger in the night

How he lived his life his way, with few regrets

And you breathed in time to the music

I know you could hear, but not respond

That last track, a recorded rarity from the radio

Celebrating how you’d done it all your way

And you let me come along for the ride


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Writer’s Jukebox: Fly Away Home Suite by Mark Isham ft. Mary Chapin Carpenter

This comes from the soundtrack of one of my favorite childhood movies, Fly Away Home, and it’s very relaxing to listen to.  The first part of the track is “10,000 Miles” by Mary Chapin Carpenter, and then it moves on to other songs from the movie.  Overall, this suite evokes a variety of moods, from solemnity to sadness to hope, which are all emotions I’m trying to portray in my current writing project.

Hope it inspires you too! 🙂

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Would you be interested…?

This sounds like a really cool idea! I’m definitely interested. 🙂

Sammi Loves Books

I posted this on my writing blog (Sammi Scribbles) yesterday, but thought I should post it here too, for anyone who missed it that might be interested 🙂

This week has been a whirlwind of ideas.  Sometimes it feels like having too many ideas is just as bad as having writer’s block.  Or is it worse? 😉

So, I thought before I go any further and get carried away (which may or may not already have happened), I might put one of these ideas out there and see what kind or response it gets.  And my!  Am I nervous about doing it.  Take a big, deep breath, Sammi!

So what is this idea?  I was thinking of launching a little side project that would release multi-author anthologies out into the e-world.  And the first of these projects would be an anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry inspired…

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“this book”- a poem

It seems the most common criticism I get about my poems is that I don’t punctuate the lines to people’s liking.  Oh well…. 😛

this book has gone round the world and back
i carried it place to place in a ragged backpack
from its worn waterlogged and ragged pages
i still find the words my people read for ages
in school they tried to take my book away
thought they could change the way i pray
they tried to give me a brand new book
with colorful clean pages – come take a look
but the words were different and unfamiliar
so i stood my ground like a strong stone pillar
today i hold this same book in my hands
the one i brought with me to a faraway land
the one i returned with so covered in sand Continue reading ““this book”- a poem”

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Save the Date: Story of ABBA for Young Readers Promotional Blog Tour!

Allison the Writer

Hi guys, my friend Becky’s doing a blog tour to help promote her book, which is coming out later this year.  If you’d like to take part, please see the official posting below for more info. 🙂
Teenage author and illustrator Becky Laine ( is releasing the revised, second edition of her book The Story of ABBA for Young Readers this December.  It’s a kid-friendly biography about the Swedish pop group ABBA, whose music was popular during the seventies and eighties.

From November 15th to December 16th, we’re inviting people across the literary blogosphere and the online ABBA fan community to participate in a blog tour leading up the book’s release.  And we’d like to invite you to join us! It’s a great way to help new authors gain exposure, and as a stop on the tour, your blog will be visited by all kinds of new readers.

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Romance In Writing.

Thank you, too, for tactfully and concisely expressing what I couldn’t!


There’s a lot of debate about what should or should not be written. What makes a good story? How can it be more realistic? Well, for one, relationships should be real and not mythical. I think, in this day and age, we can dispense with the fantasy of a knight in shining armour rescuing the princess from the tower/dragon/horrible situation. Why can’t the ‘princess’ save the ‘knight’…Why does romance have to be so old-fashioned in the way it’s told?

A few issues I have with romance in story-telling are retold in these bullet points:

  • Just because there’s a man and a woman in a story doesn’t mean they will form a romance.
  • Men and women can just be friends.
  • Men and men can be friends, women and women can be friends, without romance involved.
  • A man can love a man without the need for any sexual context involved. The same for women…

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