Top 5 Writerly Essentials

  1. A good night’s sleep – Sure, coffee and canned beverages that taste like cough medicine offer short-lived bursts of energy, but you can only run on that stuff for so long before you crash … or go stark raving mad.  A successful writer needs their beauty sleep.  If you only got, like, four hours of sleep the night before, don’t expect to be churning out whole chapters.  I was lucky and managed to finish this blog post, y’all.
  2. A quiet space – Have you ever tried to write while utter pandemonium is going on around you?  A little background noise is nice sometimes, but when the background noise includes crying babies and teenagers arguing about trivial matters, that can really cramp your writing style.  At all costs, try to find a quiet space to write in, where your friends, family, and flatmates won’t be vying constantly for your attention.  And if no such space exists, invest in a good pair of earmuffs.


    Like a pair of these.

  3. Support group – Every writer can benefit from a group therapy session after they’ve brutally murdered their story’s ensemble cast.  But that’s not what I’m getting at.  What I mean is, it really helps to be able to talk to other human beings about your ideas, so that you can make sure they’re sound before you put them in writing.  Bear in mind, it’s important that your support group be of voluntary participants, so try to seek out the most patient and tolerant friends and relatives you know for this esteemed position.
  4. Hydration – I can’t emphasize how important it is to stay hydrated.  Sure, you aren’t running a marathon, but you’re still writing one.  Don’t give yourself a headache from dehydration, especially during the summer months.  Writing with a headache is no picnic.
  5. Bravery – A writer’s mind can be just as full of conflict as the novel they are writing.  It takes bravery, confidence, chutzpah, and even a little stupidity to be able to forge past those warning messages your inner critics keep throwing at you.  Write it all down now, and edit it later (or hire someone to edit it all for you).  And don’t let those inner critics get you down!

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