The Loss of Real Love in Fiction

Thank you for politely expressing what I can’t!

You Write Fiction

This is a slightly modified repost. I originally shared my thoughts on this topic about a year ago, but it’s important enough to bring back around. I’m not a love expert (insert Olaf gif here), nor do I claim authority over you as a writer. The following is meant to get people to think and to make changes according to their conclusions. That’s all.

Love has been a core element of fiction since…well, since forever, I guess. It drives and unites characters, it pushes plots forward, it distinguishes good from evil, and it’s an integral part of what makes a story real to us.

Romantic love certainly isn’t the only manifestation of this force, but it is a prevalent one. It’s a trend I don’t foresee readers ever getting tired of because it resonates so much with the human heart.

But genuine love is disappearing from today’s fiction.

A culture…

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