Save the Date: 3rd Bloggiversary Bash

I looked back at my archives, and  I realized that the stuff on this blog goes back not one, not two, but three years.  My first post came out on the 28th of December, 2013.  It told the story of what might happen if all the (current) Doctors in Doctor Who attended a slumber party in the TARDIS (and what might happen to them if my friends and I were there too).  I’m confident that my writing and writerly cognitive state have matured a little since then…. 🙂

In celebration of this blog turning three, I’d like to host a small Q&A session in the spirit of my friend Elizabeth Rawls’ two-year blogiversary bash. 🙂

As me questions about writing, reading, fandom stuff, and even random stuff.  No guarantees that I’ll answer every question falling under the random category, but I want this to be fun for all.

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