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My Time to Fly? (a poem)

There’s that sense of awareness you get

When all the birds you knew as friends

Whose times you thought would never end

Have taken flight for the winter, forever gone

Of course they’ll return again in the spring

With degrees of knowledge or a diamond ring


There’s that nagging feeling in your heart

A question perhaps, a pull to something

Like a teenage crush on a pretty face alone

Without much thought about whether your

Thoughts, ambitions, and values would clash

That’s how many bygone ‘ships fall and crash


You wonder if it’s your time to fly and follow

All of the others who have flown away from you

And the ones, so much younger, who did it too

Because sisters, girlfriends, moms and aunts

Felt the calling of their instinct and flew away

Though you’ve never, ever felt it, not in any way


There’s an old saying that’s been long forgotten

In a world which says be different but the same

This timeless saying goes, “To each their own”

Don’t be pressured by what others have done

I assure myself, my time will come someday

But that time, make note, is not this day



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Real Deal People – a poem

I’ve had a request for happier, more positive poetry, to match the happy theme of my blog.  Indeed, a majority of my poems are of the moody, broody, angsty variety.  I’m a teenager, but be that as it may, angst isn’t the only feeling I have words to describe on paper.  This isn’t exactly happy, but it’s in a more positive vein than other poems I’ve written.

I dedicate this poem to the cool people, the “real deal” people.  The ones who are themselves in a seemingly elite society of robots.  The ones who haven’t let fame get to their heads.  The ones who are humble and genuine to themselves and to the world.


You can nail a song live, sounding better than machines

You read your mail and reply when you’ve got the time

You write the words in all your works, original and true

The world’s still real sometimes

And it’s all thanks to you Continue reading “Real Deal People – a poem”

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Writer’s Jukebox: RWBY Chibi by Alex Abraham

In one of my first Writer’s Jukebox posts, I shared one of Jeff Williams’ compositions for the RWBY soundtrack.  That soundtrack is amazing, but you know what’s even better?  The RWBY soundtrack … cutified!

Since each track is so short, I like to pick a couple of tracks and play them on repeat.  “Mirror Mirror” and “I May Fall” are my favorites to loop individually.  I can do this for about five to ten minutes before I lose patience and move on to another track – I was never one for those “ten hour loop” videos. 😛

These songs work really well when I’m trying to write comedic or humorous scenes, or even when I’m just trying to up my productivity when I’m on the job.  They’re just so happy-sounding and cute!


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Autumn Writerly Update #2 – After the Fall + Text-Based Adventure Game

After the Fall

Well, there’s no way I’m finishing my novel before the year ends.  Novels, I’m finding, take a lot of time – and so does finding the right way to phrase all the information I’m trying to convey within it. 😛

There are three parts to my story, in all.  The beginning narrative (which sets up the main cast of characters), the interludes from another character’s POV, and the “falling action” narrative following discoveries made based on information in the interludes, which will ease into what I hope is a bittersweet ending.  At this point, I’m just about done with the first part.  I’ve started working on the interludes, which will be interspersed throughout the main narrative. Continue reading “Autumn Writerly Update #2 – After the Fall + Text-Based Adventure Game”

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Let’s get political (just this once)

Fellow Americans, if you’re old enough to vote on November the 8th, please make sure you vote for the candidate you believe is the most qualified to become the president of your country for the next four years of your life.

That person doesn’t have to be the candidate your favorite celebrity believes (or was paid to claim to believe) is the most qualified, or the candidate I believe is the most qualified. This is about you and what you believe.

Voting in any election is a great service to our country.  No matter who you’re voting for, I believe you’re doing an even greater service by being true to yourself.

Just remember that, please.

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So, what *have* I been writing?

All this time, I said I was writing something, and you’ve all been very good in believing me.  Now for some proof. 😀

Whenever he thinks I’m asleep, Dad takes this picture of my mother that used to hang on our wall out of the truck’s glove compartment and just stares as it, sadly.  Tonight was one of those nights when he actually whispers to it.  I can’t tell what he’s saying … and I can’t imagine how she’d respond if she were here.

You see, she died when I was two.  I can barely remember the sound of her voice.  I like to think I can remember her smiling at me, but I think it’s just the picture Dad keeps of her.  In all of my “memories” of her, she’s always wearing that light and airy sundress from the photo.


Mom was petite with straight-as-sticks blond hair, and eyes that I think were green.  It’s hard to tell when all you’ve got is a black and white picture.  Aside from my height, I’m glad I don’t take after her; if I did, I’m afraid Dad would look at me in the same sad way he looks at her photograph.

He never did tell me how she died.  I suppose he’s trying to protect me from something.  What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, they say.

I don’t think that’s true.  Curiosity burns … and burns hurt something awful.