Three Things Thursday: ADHD, Confidence, Fandom Member Names

On the Arglefumph Blog, Michael Gray often posts about three things that are on his mind on a Thursday.  I don’t think I’ll be doing this every Thursday, but every so often, on a Thursday, I’d like to do this as well.

1. We call this generation the ADD Generation, as though it’s a modern problem that wasn’t here in past generations.  I wonder, though – did behavioral disorders like attention deficit and hyperactivity exist in the past, but we simply didn’t have a diagnosis for it?  After all, it’s so much easier to just give a fidgety or fractious child a good whack with the ol’ birch rod instead, right?

2. I took a class on body language a while back, and it tried to tell me that dressing in a revealing fashion suggests confidence in oneself.  It makes sense.  It takes a lot of confidence to show off parts of your body to the world where others might hesitate.  If someone is okay with other people seeing their body, imperfections and all, it does make sense that they’re confident with themselves.

But on the flipside, doesn’t voluntarily dressing in a conservative fashion also suggest confidence?  Like, you know you’re beautiful, but you don’t need the rest of the world to see it in order to validate it…?  (To be perfectly clear, I’m not talking about societies where people are forced to dress a certain way or face harsh penalties.)   They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I say beauty can be in the eye of the bearer (not bare-er) too.

3. What’s the correct term for a Star Wars fan?  Doctor Who fans are called Whovians.  Star Trek fans are called Trekkies.  Lord of the Rings fans are called Ringers.  But there’s no universal, catchy name for fans whose minds wander to a galaxy far, far away.  This bothers me, because telling people I’m a Star Wars fan is such a mouthful.  What do you think we should be called?

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