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So, what *have* I been writing?

All this time, I said I was writing something, and you’ve all been very good in believing me.  Now for some proof. 😀

Whenever he thinks I’m asleep, Dad takes this picture of my mother that used to hang on our wall out of the truck’s glove compartment and just stares as it, sadly.  Tonight was one of those nights when he actually whispers to it.  I can’t tell what he’s saying … and I can’t imagine how she’d respond if she were here.

You see, she died when I was two.  I can barely remember the sound of her voice.  I like to think I can remember her smiling at me, but I think it’s just the picture Dad keeps of her.  In all of my “memories” of her, she’s always wearing that light and airy sundress from the photo.


Mom was petite with straight-as-sticks blond hair, and eyes that I think were green.  It’s hard to tell when all you’ve got is a black and white picture.  Aside from my height, I’m glad I don’t take after her; if I did, I’m afraid Dad would look at me in the same sad way he looks at her photograph.

He never did tell me how she died.  I suppose he’s trying to protect me from something.  What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, they say.

I don’t think that’s true.  Curiosity burns … and burns hurt something awful.



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4 thoughts on “So, what *have* I been writing?

  1. Alison, thank you for sharing this. It has a strong voice. I liked this phrase: “Mom was petite with straight-as-sticks blond hair, and eyes that I think were green. It’s hard to tell when all you’ve got is a black and white picture.” Is this fiction or memoir?

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      1. Ah, it reads like a memoir. You do a good job setting the tone. Here’s an idea for revision: Can you find a way to show the reader this emotion rather than telling it? ” … he stares as it, sadly.” I’ve been going through my own writing to look for places where I tell the emotion rather than conveying it through imagery, dialogue, or sensory description.

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      2. Thanks for pointing that out! As a matter of fact, I’ve been having a bit of trouble showing emotions rather than telling it with this character’s voice, so it’s something I’ll definitely think over when I get to the revision phase.


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