The Young Writer’s Life According to RWBY: Beta-Reading Edition

Mild content warning: post features pictures of a somewhat skimpily-dressed anime character.

I ran a poll on my Twitter page a few weeks ago for the theme of my next “Young Writer’s Life According To…” post.  It was a 50/50 tie between Tangled (which has a surprising variety of gifs) and my favorite anime, RWBY.  So, why not both?

This gifset in particular puts particular attention on beta-reading, an immense readerly kindness I’ve come to appreciate in my latest writerly project.  That said, I’d like to dedicate this post to Aerin and Lauren, the best beta-readers a young writer like me could ask for.

And now, if you are among the 50% who voted for a RWBY-themed post, this’ll be the day you’ve waited for!


Searching for that elusive word like:


(In my case, it was the word “unceremonious.”  I don’t know why, but I can never remember that word when I want to use it.)


When you tentatively show your story to your friends and they have good things to say about it:



When you’ve forced yourself out of writer’s block to write a whole chapter, just mostly to please your beta-readers:



When your beta-readers’ leave hilarious feedback:



The reaction you fear the most from your readers:


‘Cause that was absolutely an original idea you just used:

(If you’ve watched RWBY and you know Velvet’s special ability, you’ll know what I mean.)


That fight scene the way it played out in your head…


The fight scene the way it played out on paper:


“Wow, Allison. Have you ever considered publishing any of your stories?  Y’know, like as real books?”



The looks grownups tend to give you when they actually read the first book you tried to publish:

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