Beta-Readers Wanted [ALL SET]!

Update, 6/13/17: I’m pleased to announce that for the moment, I’m all set in the beta-readership department!  Thank you so much to everyone who signed up!  Rest of you’ll just have to wait for the book when it’s done (or maybe I’ll let you read the second draft after revisions). 😛


If you’re reading this, then it means I’ve finished writing the first draft of my latest writerly obsession, Cliche, and I’d love your help to make it the best it can be!

If you’d like to beta-read the current manuscript, a) I’d be really grateful and b) here’s some information for you to consider before you get started:


So, Allison, what’s it about?

Short version: Two poorly written protagonists emerge from the pages of their manuscripts to confront their poorly writers about it.  Hilarity (and Tofurkey) ensues.

Long version: Ryan Petrie and Jen Penrose are two young, struggling writers.  Jen’s madly in love with her own seriously flawed protagonist, a handsome rogue named Xander Portmanteau.  Ryan’s got a few mixed up ideas about what makes a female character like Lyra Jones, Space Huntress and Defender of the Universe, strong.  Magically, the characters emerge from the pages of their manuscripts (in the scale of plastic action figures) to confront their authors about their flaws.  Before too long, things get a little out of hand….


What genre is it?

Probably satire.  Truth be told, it’s a little of everything it makes fun of.  There’s high fantasy swashbuckling on a real-world city sidewalk, intentionally contrived romantic tension because all the other books do it, and social commentary on a couple of contemporary issues faced by young people today. 😛


How long is it?

The current manuscript is just under 20,000 words and 76 double-spaced manuscript-format pages.


What kind of feedback are you looking for?

Honest, realistic, constructive criticism in terms of how the story flows.  In that respect, what can I do to make it better?  What’s missing?  What could I do better?  What am I doing great at?  Proofreading is for proofreaders, so don’t worry about that unless the sheer volume of typos makes the MS painful to read!


Is this book clean?

In my many years of being prudish, I’ve learned that literary “cleanliness” is a highly subjective term and relative state.  I don’t want to tell you it’s 100% kosher because everyone’s standards and sensitivities are different.

In a deceptively light-hearted fashion, Cliche touches upon some mature themes.  One of the book’s purposes is to satirically call out the objectification of both men and women in certain mainstream fiction genres.  I’ve done my best to handle these issues tactfully and comedically, without being gratuitously crude.

It’s certainly not a smutty book, but because of the aforementioned themes, I wouldn’t recommend Cliche to readers younger than age fifteen.


Is there a deadline?

If you can finish your critique before the year ends, that would be awesome!


What’s in it for me, buster?

Acknowledgements in the finished product, should Cliche make it that far.  A free eBook version of the finished product and discounts for obtaining physical copies – again, assuming we get to that point.


I can’t commit to a detailed critique.  Can I just read it for fun (or because I’m your friend and you promised me you’d let me read it when you’re done)?

Sure, why not?  Just don’t, y’know, steal the manuscript and publish it yourself, because then we can’t be friends anymore. 😛

Of course, I’d appreciate a bit of feedback, even if it’s just “lol this is amazing my fav char is xander” or “wow dis is lame don’t quit ur day job but lyra’s pretty funny.”


Still interested?  Please fill out the form below, and I’ll happily consider inviting you into the crazy world of Cliche!



10 thoughts on “Beta-Readers Wanted [ALL SET]!

  1. Rachel says:

    Ooooh, exciting! I’m not 15 but I would still like to beta read. I know all that stuff and don’t get too bothered by it!! I should have it done before the deadline 😊! I’m excited! Filled out the form!

    Liked by 1 person

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