I recorded another small poetry collection called uncollectable, and as of today, it’s available on Bandcamp for $2.50 USD.  Give it a listen, if you’d like!

For a while now, I’ve felt like some don’t see me as a person, but rather, a something to be collected and put on display, like prized artwork.  I suppose that’s a bit flattering, but if that comes at the cost of my humanity, I’d rather be remembered for being a challenging person who made art sometimes.  I am not the art.  I am just the artist.

The first few times I recorded the original poems on this teeny collection, I couldn’t get the emotions out right.  I wasn’t feeling it.  That’s why they’re here, and not on The Story of a Brain.

It just wasn’t working – the first few times, I sounded angry, angsty, too emotionally invested.  These poems were written about sensitive subjects for me, as innocuous as they sound.

Then, I started to read them numbly, without any emotional connection at all.  If I can read other people’s poems with emotion, I need to be able to do that with my own, even if I have to pretend they were written by someone else.  Getting to that point took a while.

I don’t know if there’s a market for these releases, but I don’t care.  I made art and I think it turned out okay.  If other people like it, that’s great too.  I hope you’ll enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed making it.

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