Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag

I happened upon this tag in the YouTube bookish community.  It apparently originated in a video by a YouTuber called littlespider9.  I’m a blogger, so I thought I’d bring the tag to this medium!


1) A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading?

Twilight.  I did a little research on the series, as I’m attempting to poke a little fun at it in my Cliche stories.  In Wikipedia-entry synopsis form, parts of it actually sounded pretty gripping, especially towards the end of the saga.  In full-length book-form, however, I think it’s really not for me.  It’s a long, paranormal romance novel with sparkly vampires and werewolf dudes – I can only imagine how gross that’s going to get.


2) A series you won’t be finishing?

The Fire Dragon Chronicles by Chris D’Lacey.  I loved the first book so much, and it’s a good standalone book that I’d probably let my kids read in the future.  From then onward, the books started having more suggestive content than I felt was needed for a kid’s book series, and I felt the dragon mythology the author had created bordered on heretical for me.

If a book doesn’t bring up G-d at all, I don’t really care.  Sometimes, in fact, most times, religion and faith are not necessarily relevant subjects to a story.  I think it would’ve been totally possible to tell the story of how dragons came to be without insisting that the universe was created by a female dragon named Godith and making her an active player in the story.

Mythology, I’m mostly cool with.  Mythology can be disputed, it’s open to debate.  We can explore various creation narratives and decide for ourselves which one we believe in, or reject them all if we please.  But I felt this story went too far for me because it really infringed upon my beliefs.  I’m not saying the series is bad for doing this, I’m just saying it made me uncomfortable.


3) A classic that you’re just not interested in?

Probably Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  I’ve tried reading the book a number of times and found it to be long and boring.  Watching the film version with Greer Garson and Sir Laurence Olivier enabled me to appreciate the plot, but it’s one of the most uninteresting read I’ve ever attempted.


4) A genre you never read?

Adult fiction (and certain subgenres of it), for obvious reasons….  There’s so much more to being an adult than … y’know, that stuff … but this genre isn’t helping to show that.  On a different platform for an older audience, I’d talk about how sad it is that the natural and beautiful thing that the creation of new life is has been cheapened and sullied and made into a twisted, perverse thing, thanks (in part) to certain genres on the fringes of the literary world.


5) A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read?

Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  I just don’t enjoy reading Shakespeare that much.  I also have a complete set of Charles Dickens epics that my grandparents found and never touched either.

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