I’m 95% sure this poem’s about Pyrrha Nikos

RWBY-fan-poems?  I guess that’s a thing now. 😛  I was going through my drafts folder and happened upon this non-rhyming mess.  It’s probably told from the perspective of  someone watching the Vytal Festival tournament, someone who only knew Pyrrha for her celebrity status, and not Jaune.  Surely millions of other citizens of Remnant admired Pyrrha and recognized her as the spokeswoman of the Pumkin Pete cereal in they ate in the morning.

I see her face on the cereal box every single morning
The epitome of elegance, fitness, health, and grace
I saw her kill a girl today; then the darkness came

They say it happens to everyone involved in celebrity
Whether they trash their homes, hotels, our streets
Or they drink and party their way to self-destruction

But since that girl on the cereal box so suddenly went away
I can’t help but wonder if she was all that she appeared
For some people’s faces hide secrets from our reality

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