Real-time update

Hey there!  This is present-day Allison writing to you on 10/8/2017, for reals.

I have a small buffer of scheduled posts waiting to go up until approximately the end of this month.  Truth be told, this blog has been running on scheduled posts since the spring.  With my current schedule, I simply don’t have time to post things consistently in what I call real-time.

While I haven’t been terribly productive in the writing department, I have been dutifully working on editing the first draft of Cliche based on beta-readers’ wonderful feedback.  Next thing on the agenda is rewrites.  The most egregious area for improvement is the ending, and while the odds of my forgetting it are high, I have a reasonable idea of how to phrase it better.  In general, I am very happy that it’s coming together as nicely as it is – it’s pleasantly surprising.

While I would be foolish to publish this story completely raw and unedited, I want to get this one out as soon as possible – I currently foresee a summer 2018 release for Cliche.  I’m confident that by that point, I’ll have helped it along enough that I won’t cringe quite as much at the finished product if I do.  (Let’s face it, hiring an editor to deep-clean the book is beyond my budget constraints right now.)

With that merry little update out of the way, I feel I should get back to the bad news I touched upon in paragraph #1.  I’m running out of content to share here and I haven’t the time to make new ones.  If you’ve made it this far, this is your warning that this blog will likely become fully dormant by the end of this year.

A handful of writerly blogger contemporaries I follow have recently done over their blogs or abandoned them entirely (in some fortunate cases, for new ones) because they no longer fit their old, self-imposed parameters.  I fear it’ll sound cliche (haha) but I’m starting to feel that way about my own blog.  For better or worse, my outlook on several of the issues I was passionate about when I started posting here has changed.

But fear not!  Unless WordPress says otherwise, I have no plans of shutting this blog down or taking down drastic amounts of old content.  Even if I no longer espouse the same beliefs as my younger self, I’m certainly not afraid of them.  (Well, most of them, anyway.)

Eventually, I’ll get back to this blog and write stuff again.  I’d love for it to be active when Cliche is ready for print, but life (by way of commitments, responsibilities, etc.) does have a knack for finding a way (to get in my way).

Until next time, enjoy the next scheduled post (which most likely contains a nonsensical downer of a poem)!


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