I had a foundation I worked hard to build

Over rubble and ashes from pages past

I worked at it diligently, building my own

And then you came along


You plied me with good words and humor

You brought me materials formed of local earth

You fashioned the bricks with sullied hands

And shoved them into the cement


Quietly, quietly, before it dried

I discreetly slipped them out


But you kept on building and adding foundation

Sullied and weakened by your own design

For I didn’t know how to say “You’re hurting me”

For you hurt me with kindness, so ironically pure


Perhaps, you actually wanted to say

“This tower, I built it for her

“She owes her fame and fortune to me

“Now Babel belongs to me!”


But Babel is not what I intended

A star ship built to fly and fight

I wanted a library, a refuge alone,

A place of my own to call home


I tried to tell you in so many words

But the words evaded me for once

So I shut the door, left you to ponder

The damage you might have done


My foundation is far from flawless

Its matte surface is streaked with tears

Tears shed for my own sins, bad enough

But sometimes flowers grow from them



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4 thoughts on “Foundation

  1. Olivia-Savannah says:

    Great poem here Allison!

    I can’t comment on your other blog but I wanted to respond to your post about feminism… and say we have come a long long way and we should be happy for that! And we should also remember that even though its about fighting for your equal rights it doesn’t mean we have to take every opportunity that finally having equal rights gives us. It’s about having a choice 🙂


    • Allison Rose says:

      Thank you!

      I didn’t realize I’d disabled comments over there… I guess that’s why it’s been so quiet. XD

      Yes, that’s a valuable point; perhaps that’s why women are doing things I perceive to be counter to our feminist values – they want to be have the option to do things that cause men to objectify them … without men objectifying them. I still don’t get it, in the sense that I can’t relate, but your insight provides much clarity to my confusion.

      I’m trying to apply that reasoning to the Net Neutrality fiasco as well. Hopefully, just because ISPs are now empowered to discriminate for and against some sources of online data doesn’t mean they’ll all choose to do so.

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