The Deanna Chapter (Unnamed Teenage Hacker Story)

I kind of want to throw this into or around the unnamed teenage hacker book, a bit like the Julian chapter in Wonder.  It offers another perspective on Lori’s relationship (or lack thereof) with her sister.  It was written quite impulsively at around 7 A.M. on a Friday, when I should’ve been preparing for something school-related instead, but such is the writing life!

I’m a good kid. That’s what everyone says.  And it’s what everyone expects, too.

“Deanna, be a good girl and…”

“Mrs. Montgomery, what did you do to deserve such a darling little angel of a daughter?”

“Mr. Montgomery, you should be proud of your daughters. They’ll go far.”

Daughters. Plural. With an S.  Did I mention I, Deanna Montgomery, have a sister?  Her name’s Lorraine and though we look identical on the outside, we couldn’t be more different on the inside.  We could be similar. We used to be.  But sometimes, it’s almost like she’s actually trying to be my opposite on purpose.  I guess she thinks I’m supposed to be the good one too.

Mother and Father like coming home to a neat house after a long day of working … or socializing … or whatever it is they do.  As a part of our household, I try my best to make sure I’m as put together as possible.  Lori deliberately shows up for family dinner twice a week dressed like a slob.  Last night, it was that holey grunge band T-shirt from Father’s university days, and the dirtiest, baggiest jeans I’d ever seen on a girl in the 21st century.
I don’t really care how she makes us look.  Our parents can afford to clear up any bad PR that comes their way.  What I care about is what she’s doing to us.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a sister anymore; just a doppelganger from another world who’s been given the run of the house.
I miss my sister.
…And I’ll do anything to get her back.

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