Early 2018 Progress Update: Cliche, Beta-Readers Wanted (Again)!

I’m not really back to a normal posting schedule (don’t know if/when I ever will be), but I have a small writerly progress update to share.

During the midpoint of last year, I finished the first draft of Cliche and sent it off to some wonderful beta-readers.  That was an exciting learning experience, and I’m so grateful for the valuable feedback you guys provided.  Slowly but surely, I spent the remainder of last year picking away at revising my manuscript based on the betas’ remarks.

I was initially worried that the revisions I made barely reflect the amount of time and attention people gave my book.  After all, beta-reader critiques are but suggestions that I’m not required to follow, but the non-jerklike thing to do would be to take each one to heart.  I wasn’t sure I did that; try as I did to prepare myself, I believe no author is truly immune from those occasional periods where we trick ourselves into thinking our work is perfect and any sentiment expressed that suggests otherwise is clearly a personal attack!  But going through now, I realize that slowly but surely, several of the proposed changes are there, however subtle; you could say I’m a little less worried that I wasted everybody’s time.

Now, a new secular calendar year is upon us.  For 2018, I’ve challenged myself to meet a small handful of seemingly realistic goals.  They range to making cosplay costumes for a variety of beloved fictional characters to making sufficient edits to Cliche that I can comfortably and confidently delude myself into thinking it’s print-ready.

At the end of last year, I’d narrowed my basic revision needs down to adding one paragraph towards the end of the final chapter, to parallel the accompanying scene from another character’s POV.

I went from this…

…to this…

the thing.png

(Michael, if you’re reading this, yes, one of the protags uses a typewriter in your honor.)

In theory, with those new additions, I could format the manuscript for print-readiness and upload it to CreateSpace.  But I knew that if I stopped here, I wouldn’t be satisfied … and editing a book after it’s been uploaded to CreateSpace can be a royal pain in the tuchus, so I held myself back.  I don’t want this to be another Secrets in Seaport that I spend the next five years begging people not to buy!

Today, I took my revision effort a step further.  I read through the entire manuscript and started adding more stuff.  I expanded on some seemingly insignificant minutae and made some subtle but powerful changes.  There are some weak bits that some beta-readers objected to that I feel I must still keep for the sake of the cliches – I feel those particular areas are safe to worry about at a later point, if ever.  The majority is fine.

What that probably actually means.

Suffice to say, I am very happy with how the manuscript is shaping up.  However, I don’t think one between-terms vacation morning’s work is necessarily enough, so I’m getting the gang back together to see if anyone’s interested in reading this latest version before I start impulsively preparing it for publication.

If you are interested and you didn’t read the first one, a fresh perspective would be just as appreciated.  Thus, I’m including a new form below, and a link to the original call for betas.

So concludes the update.  If things go as hoped, I foresee a Summer 2018 release, but that may just be a delusion of grandeur. 😛

3 thoughts on “Early 2018 Progress Update: Cliche, Beta-Readers Wanted (Again)!

  1. Amy L Sauder says:

    “editing a book after it’s been uploaded to CreateSpace can be a royal pain in the tuchus” <– Noted! This is super helpful to know as I'm going through the beta reader process right now and thinking "Maybe I should figure out CreateSpace while I wait and then edit the book there once I hear back from people." Scratch that off my list now! 🙂

    I'm all full of editing my own book right now so cannot help with your beta reading, but your book sounds wondrous and I'll be watching for it 🙂 Go you, woohoo!

    Also, this blogpost was hilariously relatable ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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