Spring Life Update

Happy Spring!  Where I am, there’s still a bit of snow on the ground and the sky’s a hazy shade of winter.  Still, perhaps if we talk about Spring enough, Winter will get the idea and move on.

I set a vague, informal deadline of March for when I’d like beta-readers to turn in their feedback for Cliche.  My plan was to use my next break in between terms to start looking through their comments and deciding if I should make yet more changes before I go to print.  At the very least, if I stopped making changes right here, the feedback I’ve received should still help me understand where my poor readers would likely get confused or annoyed.

Here’s what’s actually happening.  I have an abode to clean for the Passover holiday, final exams the morning of said holiday, and also the actual celebration of said holiday.  And since the majority of my break between coincides with the eight days of Passover, I’ll most likely be recovering from a matzah-induced stomachache … and generally not using the computer much.  That said, I may have to move Cliche‘s self-publication plans to Autumn.  The next few months won’t be any less busy.

On the bright side, as I won’t be on the computer playing RWBY Grimm Eclipse, I just might be able to use my Passover break to catch up on reading.  I finally worked up the guts to start on the first tome in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series.  Seeing as I helped one of Mr. Sanderson’s beta-readers for Oathbringer make a parody dust jacket, some of the names (e.g. Roshar and Dalinar Kholin) are somewhat familiar.  Plus, the local library finally carries Mutation, the final book in Roland Smith’s Marty and Grace series – I’m enjoying how it’s coming together, though I sincerely hope all the questions I’ve cultivated for the past five years since reading Cryptid Hunters will be answered convincingly in this last book.

Voice acting’s been on hold for the past few months, primarily because my voice hasn’t been the same since I caught that awful flu.  I’m slowly regaining my confidence to get back behind the mic for auditions, though my current voices variety isn’t as dynamic as usual.  However, I’ve remained active in a pretty snazzy little animated fan project called Our Universe – if you remember the LEGO videogame from the late 2000s, this is an animated fan series that builds on the surprisingly expansive lore the game established before the servers went down for good.  I joined this project when I first started doing voiceovers; at this point in my hobby, ensemble cast fan series have little appeal to me, but the crew feels very much like a family at this point.  I’ve been on teams where a contrived sense of familiarity among the majority-dudebro crew made me want to run for it, but with this bunch, it happened organically.  I’m looking forward to what our team puts forth in the coming months.

One last thing!  Ch1Con is coming to town with another blog tour.  Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for something spectacular — and if you don’t know, they now have an event for writers who’ve aged out of the teen writers’ convention, Ch21Con.  I expect we’ll be hearing more about that!  I try to keep up with their year-round write-ins and Twitter chats when my schedule permits – they’re a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected, even if you’re like me, and haven’t yet attended a real-life Ch1Con event.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on in my life right now.  Perhaps I’m oversharing.  Perhaps I need a place to jot down my thoughts as I’m going through interesting times.  Perhaps I think people actually care about what I do when I’m not writing books.  Long story short, I’m keeping busy.  Signing off!

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