Book covers (and a surprisingly optimistic Cliche update)!

Passover was officially PassOVER as of Sunday, which gave me a little crunch-time to work on book-related things in relative peace and quiet.  It’s amazing what you can do in a few days’ time, if motivated!

  • I went through the last significant portion of beta-reader feedback from the second round and made changes to the manuscript where needed.
  • Then, I started formatting the document into something a little more print-ready.  Trying to find the ideal fonts and text arrangements was a bit of a hassle, as I had my heart set on using a particular font family throughout the document.
  • Lastly, I updated my design for the book cover….  And as long as I was graphic-designing stuff, I also made mock-covers for the books Cliche’s protagonists are writing themselves. 😀

What remains on my to-do list in terms of formatting is finalizing the author bio page, but that can come later, when I’m actually ready to officially publish and sell the book.

With a couple of days of break-time left to spare, I decided I’d do something extremely out of my comfort zone: writing to friends and colleagues in the writing community and trying to organize a little virtual blog tour for Cliche over the (admittedly vague time frame of) Summer.  (Yes, I’ve decided to go with Summer after all.)  It’s a little daunting for me, as I don’t wish to appear like a spammer, and I don’t want to come across as needy or naggy.  But such is the life of a self-publishing, self-editing, and self-marketing author!

My summer is going to be a little busy, to put it mildly, with or without a self-published book launch, so it’s probably not such a bad idea to get as many ducks in a row now as I can.  Gives me less to think about then … albeit more to do. :p

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