Writing Life Update, End of Spring 2018

I should be preparing for finals, but instead I’m writing this thing.

clichehc1low-resolutionFirst off, Cliche is coming along nicely.  I had a little time, so for the past couple of days, I’ve been on CreateSpace, uploading my cover and interior files, getting their feedback, and tweaking them until I have something that we can both approve of.

See, they approved everything from the get-go, but only after some genius made a bunch of changes to my cover that messed everything up…  As I write this, I’m making one last-ditch effort before I call tech support and see what on Gallifrey’s going on. :p

Interior formatting has never been my strongest suit, so I got some advice from Brianna Da Silva on how to make my book as readable as possible.  Turns out I wasn’t far off, but the changes she proposed make all the difference, aesthetically.

I just hope that I’ll be able to press the magic “publish” button by mid-June.


Secondly, I’m now a contributor for a cool new website called GeekKind!  It’s run by some of my friends from the New England cosplay scene – we cover pop culture and fandom news, and in general, it’s a space for geeks to convene and, well, geek out together!

GeekKind’s founder and I were talking about having me on as a contributor as early as January, but I needed some time to get my ducks in a row.  Now I have three articles up so far, about film and television news, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

In addition to my periodic rants, there are two podcasts: Inconceivable and CosCast, about pop culture and cosplay respectively.  We’re only just starting out, so I hope you’ll stop by sometime, check out what we do, and consider helping us grow!


Well, that’s what’s happening right now.  I really should be studying. 🙂

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