Cliche is out NOW!

At long last, I’m happy to announce that Cliche by Allison Rose (that’s me) and Aerin S. Grey (that’s my amazing co-conspirator) is now available for purchase from and Amazon Kindle!  (And if you’re in the US feeling particularly generous, you can also get an autographed version of the book from my newly-formed Ecwid store.)

In the past few weeks leading up to this momentous day, Aerin and I had the honor of being interviewed by Kyle Robert Shultz, author of the Beaumont and Beasley series (among others) on his blog.  Plus he left us a stellar review!

A few book reviews are coming in over the summer; I feel like receiving beta-reader feedback over the last few months really prepared me for the occasional reminders that even now, the book’s far from perfect. 🙂  Also, my dad really liked the book.  He read it over the weekend and he says it’s even better than Seaport.  You can trust his totally unbiased opinion.  (Happy Father’s Day, Dad.)

The process of getting this book published from start to finish was a real adventure, challenging at times but also one of the most fun creative writing experiences thus far.  Being able to craft this story with a supportive, sincere friend along for the ride made all the difference.  I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have finished this story without Aerin; which is why it’s so important for me to credit her as the person this story was written with.  But enough sentimentality. I think it annoys her when I repeat myself. 😀

Was I as organized as I could’ve, should’ve been about this?  Absolutely not.  I can argue that as a busy college student whose schedule is constantly in a state of flux, I didn’t have a choice.  What’s done is done; the book is now out, with a few remaining typos and awkward bits that I’ll just have to deal with later and I can sit back and watch as the world burns how many sales actually come in.

Such is the life of a self-publishing n00b.  We learn things as we go along, no matter how many self-pub guru blogs we occasionally remember to look at. 😀  I’d like to think I’ve come just a little bit farther in my self-publishing journey.  I can no longer lay claim to the coveted “kid author” status of my childhood dreams, but I’m not complaining!

Anyway, you can buy my book now, and I selflessly profess the objective belief that you should buy my book now. :p

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