Spring 2019 Update

Between work, school, and an uphill battle with situational depression, I haven’t had a lot of time or motivation to really sit down and write something for fun.  All of my large-scale creative writing projects have taken a back burner, and the notion that this isn’t going to change for some time is disheartening to consider.

Last Friday, I was itching to tell a story. It was a disorganized mess, but I decided to just open a word doc, write, and see what happens. When I opened the document the next evening, I didn’t see something easily continuable without going back and making changes. But I don’t need to do that; I just needed to write something, scratch that itch.  And that felt good.

This week, I also made the executive decision to unpublish my novelette, Secrets in Seaport, for the time being.  I’ve considered it since February of last year, because it simply doesn’t reflect where I am as a writer, or what I was truly capable of even then.  Printing a book with CreateSpace and doing some minimal promotional stuff for it was a fun ego trip for my teenage self, and that was all it was good for.  It’s going to live out the rest of its life as an inside joke I share with my dad any time we pass by a circular driveway…. 😉

As for Cliche, it’s going to be out for a while, because I don’t actually hate it.  When I have the time, I do have some surface-level edits that need to be made to the text.  A second edition, perhaps a hardcover version from the likes of Lulu.com, is on my mind but to say it’s in the works is another matter.  And I’d still love to produce an audiobook, but stress has taken its toll on my voice.  It may unfortunately take a while before the largest stressor in my life resolves, but with time and care, I might get my voiceover voice back in time to deliver a killer Xander impression!

And although I don’t personally have a lot going on in the bookmaking department, I would like to point everyone in the direction of my friend, Naomi P. Cohen‘s, amazing new novel, Circus Phantasm, which is currently available for preorder on Amazon Kindle Direct!  I had the privilege of critiquing this book last summer, while it was still in the editing phase, and dang, it is one of the best novels I’ve read in a while.  So clean and wholesome and full of twists and turns.  I owe Naomi a full review, but let me just say, she is brilliant at planning out every key plot point in a way that leaves the reader asking the right questions — all of which are anticipated from the get-go and revealed in due time.  I just love it so much, aaaaaaah!

On that (positive) note, Allison out.

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