A Very Cliche Audiobook? Maaaaybe.


It’s summertime and the weather is perfect for picnicking — if you’re a mosquito. But the bloodsucking bug isn’t the only one that’s attempted to bite me in the past couple of weeks. I’m happy to say, the voice-acting bug has bitten me again, and now I have something to do besides miserably itching, scratching, and summer classes at school!

At the beginning of the year, I was turning away clients because every time I tried to do voiceover work, even in my regular speaking voice, it was near impossible, mainly due to the amount of stress I was under.  (Yeah, stress can cause your vocal cords to tense up and make it impossible to talk like, oh, I don’t know, Ruby from RWBY without doing some serious injury.) But with time and self-care, it seems this ability is coming back!

I’ve been wanting to produce an audiobook for Cliche, the book I self-published last year.  Lack of time, motivation, and a general feeling that I shouldn’t try to hatch more chickens than I can even caution myself against counting led me to putting that off for some time.  At this point, I have no solid plan of actually producing an audiobook in its entirety, but I had lots of fun putting together a proof of concept, based on the first chapter.


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