What if Lyra Jones shapeshifted into a cat?

Hi, I’m Allison, and I haven’t written anything (aside from some angsty poetry that won’t see the light of day) in a long, long while.

I’ve been through some interesting shtick, and now I live near some train tracks, so voiceover has been completely out the window, unless I can find some way to cutely incorporate trains going noisily by into my delivery with one third of the grace with which Robin Williams could with his neurological tics. Yeah, no. Sorry.

I miss writing. I really do. I have a head full of half-finished stories to tell, plot bunnies if you will, but no mental energy or motivation to put them into words. Heck, I’ve even tried blogging, but now I have an entire drawer full of unfinished draft posts about a variety of subjects that probably won’t ever get published.

I’ve tried writing when I’m happy, I’ve tried writing when I’m distressed, and I’ve tried writing when I’m so exhausted, I haven’t an ounce of energy left to do much else. But creative fiction no longer seems to be my calling. I don’t know what is, but I can tell you this isn’t.

Someone who was once very dear to me told me, if I wanted to devote my life to writing, they’d support me unconditionally. Though I still couldn’t write, knowing that someone believed that much in me got me through a very dark time, but that was a promise they should never have had to keep … nor could they. I don’t want to be a starving artist, I want to be self-made and proud of it in this unfair world.

This has been, so far, yet another year of no writerly progress for me. Perhaps this means I have truly grown up, that I no longer partake of this childhood hobby.

But the question remains: what would happen if Lyra Jones shapeshifted into a cat?

Perhaps we’ll never know.

I found it somewhat fitting that in a William Goldman-esque way, the Cliche sequel would go the way of Buttercup’s Baby, the unpublished, unfinished (at the time of Goldman’s death) sequel to The Princess Bride. That, too, is a fitting homage.

But, like I said, perhaps. It could go either way. :3

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