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Hey there!  This is present-day Allison writing to you on 10/8/2017, for reals. I have a small buffer of scheduled posts waiting to go up until approximately the end of this month.  Truth be told, this blog has been running on scheduled posts since the spring.  With my current schedule, I simply don't have time … Continue reading Real-time update


The Deanna Chapter (Unnamed Teenage Hacker Story)

I'm a good kid. That's what everyone says. And it's what everyone expects, too. "Deanna, be a good girl and..." "Mrs. Montgomery, what did you do to deserve such a darling little angel of a daughter?" "Mr. Montgomery, you should be proud of your daughters. They'll go far." Daughters. Plural. With an S. Did I mention I, Deanna Montgomery, have a sister? Her name's Lorraine and though we look identical on the outside, we couldn't be more different on the inside. We could be similar. We used to be. But sometimes, it's almost like she's actually trying to be my opposite on purpose. I guess she thinks I'm supposed to be the good one too.

When to hire a ghostwriter

Amy L Sauder

In my class Do You Have a Book in You? I don’t coddle. Just because you’re taking the class doesn’t mean you automatically get the “YES, you should write a book!” answer.

Some people have a story but not a book. They don’t have a passion for the writing; they have a passion for the message, the story.

If you fall into that boat – the “have passion for a story, but not passion for writing” boat – then ask yourself these questions:

  • If writing isn’t your dream, are you willing to devote time and energy to writing a book instead of devoting that time and energy to your actual dream?
  • Since you likely aren’t trained in writing since it’s not your passion, are you willing to sacrifice quality in getting your book out there – sacrificing the number of readers and the impact of the message?
  • Alternatively, can…

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Tales from the Classroom: “Return of the Thin White Duke” by Neil Gaiman

I very, very rarely share excerpts from my English homework.  My teachers run everything we hand in through a plagiarism checker, so I feel it is appropriate to only publish anything from school to the blogs after I've received my grade.  Wouldn't want them to think I plagiarized some poor struggling author named Allison Rose, … Continue reading Tales from the Classroom: “Return of the Thin White Duke” by Neil Gaiman

“Political Systems of Ancient Greek and Spartan City-States” – Tales from the Classroom

Author's note - here's an essay I wrote last year for a class on ancient civilizations and their political systems.  That week we were learning about Ancient Greece and its volatile relationship (or lack thereof) with Sparta.  If you're dying to read something of more substance than cryptic, depressing poetry, and you have a tolerance … Continue reading “Political Systems of Ancient Greek and Spartan City-States” – Tales from the Classroom