Digital autographs? Digital autographs!

Why yes, I'm autographing my eBooks now. Autographed eBooks are cool. *straightens bow-tie* A couple of years ago, I discovered an interesting-looking site called Authorgraph, which provides a system for sending digital autographs to your e-reader, presumably to go along with your eBooks.  I told myself that after I published my next book, I'd see … Continue reading Digital autographs? Digital autographs!

Writing Life Update, End of Spring 2018

I should be preparing for finals, but instead I'm writing this thing. First off, Cliche is coming along nicely.  I had a little time, so for the past couple of days, I've been on CreateSpace, uploading my cover and interior files, getting their feedback, and tweaking them until I have something that we can both … Continue reading Writing Life Update, End of Spring 2018

The Young Writer’s Life According to RWBY: Beta-Reading Edition

Mild content warning: post features pictures of a somewhat skimpily-dressed anime character. I ran a poll on my Twitter page a few weeks ago for the theme of my next "Young Writer's Life According To..." post.  It was a 50/50 tie between Tangled (which has a surprising variety of gifs) and my favorite anime, RWBY.  … Continue reading The Young Writer’s Life According to RWBY: Beta-Reading Edition

New Blog Theme

I really loved the blog theme I've been using until now, "Baskerville."  I liked the multiple columns of posts that showed up on the front page - it was a very nice way of showing a lot on the screen at once in an organized fashion.  However, readers I know personally complained that the post … Continue reading New Blog Theme