Shakespeare in the Park in Jerusalem, Summer 2018

Hearing Shakespeare's archaic language being recited -- no, performed -- like realistic conversations made all the difference to me. Suddenly, I had context.


Digital autographs? Digital autographs!

Why yes, I'm autographing my eBooks now. Autographed eBooks are cool. *straightens bow-tie* A couple of years ago, I discovered an interesting-looking site called Authorgraph, which provides a system for sending digital autographs to your e-reader, presumably to go along with your eBooks.  I told myself that after I published my next book, I'd see … Continue reading Digital autographs? Digital autographs!

Cliche is out NOW!

At long last, I'm happy to announce that Cliche by Allison Rose (that's me) and Aerin S. Grey (that's my amazing co-conspirator) is now available for purchase from and Amazon Kindle!  (And if you're in the US feeling particularly generous, you can also get an autographed version of the book from my newly-formed Ecwid … Continue reading Cliche is out NOW!

Stay Tuned: Ch1&21Con 2018 Blog Tour Stop, April 18th!

Hello, readers! It's that time of the year again!  I'm participating in the Ch1Con & Ch21Con 2018 Blog Tour, an annual tour in preparation for this year’s conferences, which brings original content from the Chapter One Events team to a number of fantastic, writing-related blogs. (And also my blog. :p )  This coming Wednesday (April … Continue reading Stay Tuned: Ch1&21Con 2018 Blog Tour Stop, April 18th!