Digital autographs? Digital autographs!

Why yes, I'm autographing my eBooks now. Autographed eBooks are cool. *straightens bow-tie* A couple of years ago, I discovered an interesting-looking site called Authorgraph, which provides a system for sending digital autographs to your e-reader, presumably to go along with your eBooks.  I told myself that after I published my next book, I'd see … Continue reading Digital autographs? Digital autographs!


How to Allison-Proof the Sims 3

Alternatively titled: How to child-proof your copy of Sims 3, if you feel that's important to you.  Why would a child be playing The Sims, you ask?  The reality is, some children do. This game was purchased during a sale on Steam a few months ago; while it's usually priced way out of my budget, … Continue reading How to Allison-Proof the Sims 3

Cliche is out NOW!

At long last, I'm happy to announce that Cliche by Allison Rose (that's me) and Aerin S. Grey (that's my amazing co-conspirator) is now available for purchase from and Amazon Kindle!  (And if you're in the US feeling particularly generous, you can also get an autographed version of the book from my newly-formed Ecwid … Continue reading Cliche is out NOW!

Stay Tuned: Ch1&21Con 2018 Blog Tour Stop, April 18th!

Hello, readers! It's that time of the year again!  I'm participating in the Ch1Con & Ch21Con 2018 Blog Tour, an annual tour in preparation for this year’s conferences, which brings original content from the Chapter One Events team to a number of fantastic, writing-related blogs. (And also my blog. :p )  This coming Wednesday (April … Continue reading Stay Tuned: Ch1&21Con 2018 Blog Tour Stop, April 18th!

Book covers (and a surprisingly optimistic Cliche update)!

Passover was officially PassOVER as of Sunday, which gave me a little crunch-time to work on book-related things in relative peace and quiet.  It's amazing what you can do in a few days' time, if motivated! I went through the last significant portion of beta-reader feedback from the second round and made changes to the … Continue reading Book covers (and a surprisingly optimistic Cliche update)!