How can I be clearer?

The book reviews that make it to this blog post are the ones I enjoyed enough to share, and books that, for the most part, I think I'd share with the blog's primary intended audience - young readers. My Contact Me page has everything I'd like prospective inquirers to know before asking me to consider … Continue reading How can I be clearer?


Review: Subway | Palliatopia by S.W. Lothian

I was offered an Author Review Copy of Subway | Palliatopia in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions listed below are my own. Title: Subway | Palliatopia (Subway #1) Genre: YA Dystopian Thriller Length: 265 pages Blurb: EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE. In a world that’s self-obsessed, every moment is shared, and every move is … Continue reading Review: Subway | Palliatopia by S.W. Lothian

Book Review: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry [MINIMAL SPOILERS]

Gathering Blue is one of four sci-fi / utopian stories by Lois Lowry, known informally as The Giver Quartet.  The Giver, I'd say, is the most well-known of these books, and for me, it was a mixture of disturbing, fascinating, and thought-provoking content.  The way it handled human emotions, even the beginnings of puberty, was … Continue reading Book Review: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry [MINIMAL SPOILERS]