The Friendship Genre (!!!!)

My lovely friend "Mage" made a phenomenal proposal for a new literary genre: There should be a friendship genre, if there isn’t one already! It would be a lot like the romance genre, but the focus will be more on the platonic bonds between the characters. Instead of struggling to get together with the person … Continue reading The Friendship Genre (!!!!)


Writer’s Jukebox: Haikyuu!! OST

I can never remember the name of this show, only its unique punctuation and the epicness of its soundtrack.  But I've been listening to its soundtrack fairly often - it's very dramatic and upbeat, which is great for when your mind's gone all sluggish and you've got five papers to hand in before Wednesday. reading Writer’s Jukebox: Haikyuu!! OST

Writer’s Jukebox: “Uso no Honto”by Masaru Yokoyama I don't watch much anime, but I find I really enjoy anime soundtracks.  I used to not understand why my peers would play songs like "Let it Go" on repeat, either for the fun of it, or for productivity.  But now, I've had this particular song on repeat, and I understand why this odd … Continue reading Writer’s Jukebox: “Uso no Honto”by Masaru Yokoyama

Writer’s Jukebox: Wintergatan This is the group that's famous for that amazing "marble machine" instrument which is powered by 2,000 marbles. Combining the sound of traditional instruments with a music box-like contraption, this album yields a sound my friend compares to quaint video game soundtracks. I love how quirky and unique Wintergatan's sound is, and these tracks … Continue reading Writer’s Jukebox: Wintergatan