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The Friendship Genre (!!!!)

My lovely friend “Mage” made a phenomenal proposal for a new literary genre:

There should be a friendship genre, if there isn’t one already!

It would be a lot like the romance genre, but the focus will be more on the platonic bonds between the characters. Instead of struggling to get together with the person that they want to be in a relationship with, the protagonist would be trying to make a new friend over the course of the novel. Or, if they already have a friend in the beginning, the novel would be about keeping that friendship going despite all the rough patches that might spring up.

And, like the romance genre, it can take place pretty much anywhere! It could be about the budding friendship of a spaceship’s alien pilot and her human passenger. It could be about two friends surviving against the odds in a dystopian world where friendship is forbidden. It could be about two high school students meeting through clubs and discovering their identities together.

The possibilities are endless!

The best part is that it wouldn’t be restricted to books. There could be movies, TV shows and even podcasts that could all be classified as the same genre.

It would be such a wonderful genre to become immersed in!

I want to write this.  I want to read this.  I am all for this.  Who’s with me?!?!


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Writer’s Jukebox: Haikyuu!! OST

I can never remember the name of this show, only its unique punctuation and the epicness of its soundtrack.  But I’ve been listening to its soundtrack fairly often – it’s very dramatic and upbeat, which is great for when your mind’s gone all sluggish and you’ve got five papers to hand in before Wednesday.

My favorite track in this set is “Kamiwaza Sokko,” which seems to be using strings in place of guitars – I like the sound of classical instruments used them to achieve that rock ‘n’ roll sound. 😀

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Writer’s Jukebox: “Uso no Honto”by Masaru Yokoyama

I don’t watch much anime, but I find I really enjoy anime soundtracks.  I used to not understand why my peers would play songs like “Let it Go” on repeat, either for the fun of it, or for productivity.  But now, I’ve had this particular song on repeat, and I understand why this odd habit works.  The song is played primarily with a piano and strings, and the combination, to me, can only be described as uplifting.  It’s a pleasure to read to, to write to, and to just sit back and relax to.

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Writer’s Jukebox: Wintergatan

This is the group that’s famous for that amazing “marble machine” instrument which is powered by 2,000 marbles. Combining the sound of traditional instruments with a music box-like contraption, this album yields a sound my friend compares to quaint video game soundtracks.

I love how quirky and unique Wintergatan’s sound is, and these tracks are all quite nice to play while I’m writing, or, in general, trying to stay productive.  My favorite track at the moment is “Valentine.”

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Writer’s Jukebox: “Heroes” by David Bowie

I find this song to be quite relaxing to listen to while writing – it’s catchy and its epic, upbeat nature keeps me on my toes.  While I enjoy the sound of the late, great Bowie’s voice, I find it a tad distracting in this song.  (I read that this song was originally composed as just an instrumental piece, by the way.)  So when I’m writing, I prefer an instruments-only version.

The original version, plaintive, revolutionary vocals and all, can be found here.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Writer’s Jukebox: RWBY Chibi by Alex Abraham

In one of my first Writer’s Jukebox posts, I shared one of Jeff Williams’ compositions for the RWBY soundtrack.  That soundtrack is amazing, but you know what’s even better?  The RWBY soundtrack … cutified!

Since each track is so short, I like to pick a couple of tracks and play them on repeat.  “Mirror Mirror” and “I May Fall” are my favorites to loop individually.  I can do this for about five to ten minutes before I lose patience and move on to another track – I was never one for those “ten hour loop” videos. 😛

These songs work really well when I’m trying to write comedic or humorous scenes, or even when I’m just trying to up my productivity when I’m on the job.  They’re just so happy-sounding and cute!