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Dinosaurs on a TARDIS Chapter One

Please note that this story is aligned more with the movie incarnations (however inaccurate) of the Jurassic Park characters.  This was almost solely for comedic purposes, so please bear with me.




“I don’t understand!”  the Little Doctor wailed confusedly, raking his small hands through his ginger hair.  “The current year is clearly 1999, but my scans are picking up life forms from the Jurassic period!”

“JURASSIC PERIOD?!”  Tyler Jonesmith repeated several volumes louder, getting angry stares from Grace the Time Lady and Cece Ryder, the only other companions who weren’t tied up with school at the time.  (Tyler was playing hooky, you see….)

Jack Harkness’s eyes widened excitedly.  “You mean there are really dinosaurs outside?”

“Why don’t you stick your head outside and see?”  Cece suggested snidely. Continue reading Dinosaurs on a TARDIS Chapter One”