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NancyWho: “Titusville”

A two-part fanfiction of HeR Interactive’s adaption of the classic Nancy Drew book, The Secret of the Old Clock.  Unlike prior ND fanfics I’ve written, this one features a crossover guest from my favorite telly show: Doctor Who!

Most of HeR’s games take place in the 21st century, but to celebrate the first Nancy Drew book to ever be released, they decide to go with a retro, classic Nancy story which took place in her native 1930s.  How does one reconcile that with the fact that it’s suppose to be the same Nancy as always?  Simple: it’s gotta be time travel.


NancyWho: Titusville

(by Allison Rose)

The Story

River Heights, Present Day

“Oh, those were the good old days,” Emily Crandall said with a wan smile as she flipped through the pages of her favorite old photo album. “Life was so much simpler then. There were none of those weird, modern gadgets you young people find so much amusement from!” Continue reading “NancyWho: “Titusville””

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An Unexpected Meeting

A fanfiction/alternate ending of HeRInteractive’s PC game adaption of the Nancy Drew mystery story, Stay Tuned for Danger.  Be forewarned, this story contains many esoteric references to HeRInteractive’s other Nancy Drew games, so if you haven’t played them, chances are, you’ll have no idea what I’m writing about.  For the most part, though, I’m just making the world’s greatest female teenage sleuth look a bit … off.

An Unexpected Meeting

(by Allison Rose)

1:Chapter One

Nancy Drew, a slim, attractive teenage girl with titian/strawberry blonde/blonde/red/green/black/pink/rainbow/whatever colored hair, had gotten out of the taxi cab parked at the curb of Lexington Avenue and broken into a run for the front steps of Mattie Jensen’s house, giggling like … well, a teenage girl.

She’d just spent the last six hours prank-calling Hess Grumbly’s intercom system, making the poor guy think that she was the pizza delivery boy who was long overdue to deliver his pizza. And the crazy thing was, he’d fallen for it every time!!

Now do you see why she was laughing so hard? Continue reading An Unexpected Meeting