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“Picard and Wesley”

Picard hates children. >:)

Picard and Wesley

(by Allison Rose)

“But Jean-Luc,” Dr. Beverly Crusher persisted, “it’s important that the two of you bond!”

As he took long strides down one of the Enterprise’s lengthy corridors, Captain Jean-Luc Picard tried to pay Beverly no heed.  Perhaps the Borg were right, though.  Resistance was proving to be incredibly futile.  “I won’t do it, Beverly,” he called over his shoulder.  “I won’t spend the day with Wesley!”

“Would you rather spend the day with my little boy, Picard?”  a flamboyant voice asked.

Picard managed to skid to a screeching stop before he smashed into Q.  Was he and Beverly in cahoots? Continue reading ““Picard and Wesley””