Proto-Cliche: “The Unfinished Work”

A/N: Exactly as the title suggests, this is the unfinished prototype that would later become Cliche. ūüėĬ† Looking at it a good four or five years later, I'm actually grudgingly impressed.¬† Virginia West even had a typewriter before I separated her into Jen and Ryan.¬† I don't think I even reread this before I set … Continue reading Proto-Cliche: “The Unfinished Work”

The Deanna Chapter (Unnamed Teenage Hacker Story)

I'm a good kid. That's what everyone says. And it's what everyone expects, too. "Deanna, be a good girl and..." "Mrs. Montgomery, what did you do to deserve such a darling little angel of a daughter?" "Mr. Montgomery, you should be proud of your daughters. They'll go far." Daughters. Plural. With an S. Did I mention I, Deanna Montgomery, have a sister? Her name's Lorraine and though we look identical on the outside, we couldn't be more different on the inside. We could be similar. We used to be. But sometimes, it's almost like she's actually trying to be my opposite on purpose. I guess she thinks I'm supposed to be the good one too.


The title is pretty self-explanatory. SpiderHobbit (by Allison Rose) Pippin stared out over the edge of the building and gulped audibly.¬† You can do it, Pip!¬† he could hear his best friend, Merry Brandybuck, whispering encouragingly in his head.¬† But he could also hear Gandalf saying, You're a fool, Peregrine Took, which didn't really help … Continue reading “SpiderHobbit”

“Student Driver” (Flash Fiction)

Written for my dear online friend, Celestine Foreman.¬† We sometimes wonder if she's really Susan Foreman, Doctor Who's granddaughter, fob-watched. Student Driver (by Allison in the TARDIS) Professor River Song watched as her granddaughter - er, step¬†granddaughter - moved her hands through the jumble of controls in the TARDIS's dashboard. ¬†Sweetie had taught her all … Continue reading “Student Driver” (Flash Fiction)