“The Face in the Mirror” by Allison Rose

I could not recognize the queer visage, with its malevolent, red-rimmed eyes and purplish, hollow features. A nest of auburn hair covered the scalp, extending in tangled tangents. Twisted teeth formed an evil grin, and it too held a burning candle to its face.


The Deanna Chapter (Unnamed Teenage Hacker Story)

I'm a good kid. That's what everyone says. And it's what everyone expects, too. "Deanna, be a good girl and..." "Mrs. Montgomery, what did you do to deserve such a darling little angel of a daughter?" "Mr. Montgomery, you should be proud of your daughters. They'll go far." Daughters. Plural. With an S. Did I mention I, Deanna Montgomery, have a sister? Her name's Lorraine and though we look identical on the outside, we couldn't be more different on the inside. We could be similar. We used to be. But sometimes, it's almost like she's actually trying to be my opposite on purpose. I guess she thinks I'm supposed to be the good one too.


The title is pretty self-explanatory. SpiderHobbit (by Allison Rose) Pippin stared out over the edge of the building and gulped audibly.  You can do it, Pip!  he could hear his best friend, Merry Brandybuck, whispering encouragingly in his head.  But he could also hear Gandalf saying, You're a fool, Peregrine Took, which didn't really help … Continue reading “SpiderHobbit”