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Sinking Ships – a poem/song/thingie

Honestly, I’m not sure what to call this piece.  I think it’s a poem, but the words to a chorus popped into my head as I was putting in the finishing touches.  If I had a tune to go with it, I suppose this could be a song.  I don’t know. 😛


A late night phone call, beating the time zone at its game

A late night conversation about valuing one’s life

A late night post about what’s on your mind at two AM

A late night mistake you can’t remember by day

I must’ve said something wrong

Done something wrong because

All the ships are sinking now

And I know I’m to blame


An early morning browse through the Web

An early morning feeling, everything has changed

An early morning shock kills the whole entire day

An early morning text saying it’s over now

Somebody’s not speaking to me

Somebody must hate me because

All my ships are sinking now

And I know I’m to blame


Sinking ships bring me down below the sea

Sinking ships, ships are sinking all because of me

Sinking ships are sunk by simple little words

Ships are sinking, life preservers don’t come free


A late night message beating fate at its cruel game

A late night resolution about implementing change

A late night aspiration to sleep long before two AM

A late night apology, hopefully not in vain

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My Time to Fly? (a poem)

There’s that sense of awareness you get

When all the birds you knew as friends

Whose times you thought would never end

Have taken flight for the winter, forever gone

Of course they’ll return again in the spring

With degrees of knowledge or a diamond ring


There’s that nagging feeling in your heart

A question perhaps, a pull to something

Like a teenage crush on a pretty face alone

Without much thought about whether your

Thoughts, ambitions, and values would clash

That’s how many bygone ‘ships fall and crash


You wonder if it’s your time to fly and follow

All of the others who have flown away from you

And the ones, so much younger, who did it too

Because sisters, girlfriends, moms and aunts

Felt the calling of their instinct and flew away

Though you’ve never, ever felt it, not in any way


There’s an old saying that’s been long forgotten

In a world which says be different but the same

This timeless saying goes, “To each their own”

Don’t be pressured by what others have done

I assure myself, my time will come someday

But that time, make note, is not this day



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Real Deal People – a poem

I’ve had a request for happier, more positive poetry, to match the happy theme of my blog.  Indeed, a majority of my poems are of the moody, broody, angsty variety.  I’m a teenager, but be that as it may, angst isn’t the only feeling I have words to describe on paper.  This isn’t exactly happy, but it’s in a more positive vein than other poems I’ve written.

I dedicate this poem to the cool people, the “real deal” people.  The ones who are themselves in a seemingly elite society of robots.  The ones who haven’t let fame get to their heads.  The ones who are humble and genuine to themselves and to the world.


You can nail a song live, sounding better than machines

You read your mail and reply when you’ve got the time

You write the words in all your works, original and true

The world’s still real sometimes

And it’s all thanks to you Continue reading “Real Deal People – a poem”

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Old Blue Eyes

Trigger warning: hospitals and death of a loved one


I remember the last time I saw you

You lay there, motionless, in your hospital bed

Your limbs, once so animated, immobile

Your face, so full of joy, still but at peace

And the tapes you loved to hear at play

A thoughtful nurse had turned them on for you

Dear Old Blue Eyes crooned from the speaker

About meeting girls with moonlight in their eyes

How he found love with a stranger in the night

How he lived his life his way, with few regrets

And you breathed in time to the music

I know you could hear, but not respond

That last track, a recorded rarity from the radio

Celebrating how you’d done it all your way

And you let me come along for the ride


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“this book”- a poem

It seems the most common criticism I get about my poems is that I don’t punctuate the lines to people’s liking.  Oh well…. 😛

this book has gone round the world and back
i carried it place to place in a ragged backpack
from its worn waterlogged and ragged pages
i still find the words my people read for ages
in school they tried to take my book away
thought they could change the way i pray
they tried to give me a brand new book
with colorful clean pages – come take a look
but the words were different and unfamiliar
so i stood my ground like a strong stone pillar
today i hold this same book in my hands
the one i brought with me to a faraway land
the one i returned with so covered in sand Continue reading ““this book”- a poem”

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The stuff behind my desk

The things that are behind my desk

I heard them fall and clatter

Yet too engrossed in work was I

To notice if they matter


From all the things behind my desk

A fortress has been formed

To fend off tiny Uruk-Hai

From a foot-tall Helm’s Deep

Or the bitsy spiders crawling by


With all this stuff behind my desk

It’s two inches from the wall

One of these days I’ll clean it up

Before it spreads into the hall!

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Summer Storm

When you can’t think of anything else to say, just talk about the weather. 🙂

Thunder claps in the early light

Daytime turns as black as night

Wild wind gusts in keening blusters

Birds in trees cry out, a sign of life

As mankind burrows safely indoors

Turn out all the lights inside

Embrace this somber darkness

As nature intends for the day

Listen in silence, make no sound

As the world continues to go round

Darkness passes by late afternoon

For a few short, fleeting hours

The sun still shines for today