I had a foundation I worked hard to build Over rubble and ashes from pages past I worked at it diligently, building my own And then you came along   You plied me with good words and humor You brought me materials formed of local earth You fashioned the bricks with sullied hands And shoved … Continue reading Foundation


“Can I zoom now, Allie?”

We're zooming, as you call it, down the Tree-lined boulevard - tonight it's a drag strip For your green scooter and my red sneakers We've gone up one hill and down another And I'm wondering whose stupid idea this was I don't know how David H did it so much, this running But he didn't … Continue reading “Can I zoom now, Allie?”

I’m 95% sure this poem’s about Pyrrha Nikos

RWBY-fan-poems?  I guess that's a thing now. 😛  I was going through my drafts folder and happened upon this non-rhyming mess.  It's probably told from the perspective of  someone watching the Vytal Festival tournament, someone who only knew Pyrrha for her celebrity status, and not Jaune.  Surely millions of other citizens of Remnant admired Pyrrha … Continue reading I’m 95% sure this poem’s about Pyrrha Nikos