“Jenny” – a Flash Fiction

Happy New Year, everyone!  (As usual, I'm a bit late in wishing people things.)  Let me tell you, I've always wanted to write a Doctor Who fanfiction about Jenny (the Doctor's daughter) and a certain hit song by Tommy Tutone.  Well, here's a little something I wrote in literally three minutes.  (This one's for the … Continue reading “Jenny” – a Flash Fiction

Preview: WIP X-Men Fanfiction

At full height, she barely reached Logan's shoulder, which meant she was still pretty short. Her dark hair flowed freely down to her waist. He could also see tiny letters stitched onto the breast pocket of her black jumpsuit. X-23, HYDRA. Logan had his answer now, and he didn't like it one bit.

Figgies Take the TARDIS

An unfinished work featuring the Figgies, the Third Doctor, the Brigadier, and Sarah Jane. Figgies Take the TARDIS (by Allison Rose) Chapter One "Where's the Doctor?"  Cece Ryder asked incredulously, looking around the TARDIS control room uncertainly.  That tweed-wearing, flippy-haired, bowtie-adoring Time Lord whom she'd been accompanying for the last few months was nowhere to … Continue reading Figgies Take the TARDIS

WORKING TITLE: Adventures with My Time-Traveling Uncle Chapter One

I'm extremely proud of this one chapter, which I concocted over the weekend.  Pretty awesome, huh? Adventures with My Time-Traveling Uncle (by Allison Rose) One  Behind his back, Jacob Kessler has been called a lot of things.  The most polite of these is "eccentric,” which is what my mom calls him.  Dad finds it easier … Continue reading WORKING TITLE: Adventures with My Time-Traveling Uncle Chapter One