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Please note: If you would like me to promote your non-literary product or service, I cover those things on my secondary blog, Allison Does Other Things.  Please contact me there.  If you are looking to hire my voice acting services, please visit my voice acting website.

For business inquiries, please reach out to allisonroseauthor[at]gmail[dot]com.  Schedule-permitting, I’d definitely be interested in participating in blog tours, hosting giveaways and contests, and reviewing your middle-grade or YA books.  Before you set out to do that, please read the information I’ve shared below.


If you’d just like to chat or discuss writing-related stuff, the comment box below is at your disposal.  🙂


If you’d like me to host a giveaway on this blog for your book or book-related product, please contact me at the email address listed above, with a brief excerpt from your book and a blurb (text only – no attachments, please).  I will get back to you if I’m interested.  Should I agree to host your giveaway, delivering items to giveaway winners is solely your responsibility.

Book Reviews

I’d love to review your middle-grade or YA fiction book!  I’m especially interested in books by independent, self-published authors.

Please contact me at the email address listed above with an excerpt from your book and the blurb (text-only – no attachments, please).  I’ll get back to you if I’m interested in reading and reviewing the rest.  I will likely accept a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review.  Digital copies are just fine and more cost-effective, but please bear in mind that I read faster from physical books.  (My  eyes can’t take reading so much off the screen!)

Personally, I really enjoy reading these genres:

  • Adventure
  • Science fiction
  • Low fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Historical fiction
  • Authorized derivative works/fanfictions

Here are things that are generally turn-offs for me – if your book contains any of the following content, I probably won’t be interested in reading /reviewing it.

  • Sexual content, implied or explicit
  • Strong or vulgar language
  • Excessive violence/gore

In general, these are genres in which I’m generally uninterested:

  • Romance
  • Religious/theological fiction or fiction with frequent theological motifs – I like my reads wholly secular, thank you very much
  • High fantasy
  • Supernatural fiction

Thank you! 🙂