Graphic Design Services

I’m currently selling these pre-made book cover designs.  Simple but eye-catching, my current catalog offers family-friendly cover designs for a variety of book genres.  These covers are unique – once you buy a specific design, you won’t see it anywhere else!

The base prices shown below are for the book cover alone, in eBook format.  For an additional $50, I’m willing to produce a full cover (with back and spine images), in which case you should include the desired dimensions of your cover, and the number of pages in that format.

Roll over each eBook cover image for its name and price information.  All eBook covers are in standard 1410 x 2550 px size.  Some covers will still be shown here after they’ve been sold, to serve as a portfolio of sorts.  They will be explicitly marked as “SOLD” in those situations.


Order Procedure

Once you’re certain you’re ready to purchase a design, fill out the order form below, with the specific cover and any additional information.  Payment must be made in advance, and are accepted via PayPal.  Once your order form has been processed and I’m willing to move forward with a design, I will request payment via PayPal.  Once payment has been received, your finished design will be sent your way as a high-quality .PNG image!

Terms of Service:

All payments must be made in advance, and are non-refundable.  I reserve the right to refuse to service at my discretion.  By default, I will refuse to produce designs that include (in any way):

  • Adult-oriented or vulgar words, phrases, imagery
  • The promotion of violence, racism, bigotry, or hatred against an individual or group
  • Graphic depictions of adult-oriented or violent content

Usage rights: The artist (that would be me) retains ownership of my designs and artwork, but the customer (that would be you) has completely unrestricted license to use the final product, so long as attribution (“Cover design: Allison Rose”) is given.