Spring 2019 Update

Between work, school, and an uphill battle with situational depression, I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to really sit down and write something for fun.  All of my large-scale creative writing projects have taken a back burner, and the notion that this isn't going to change for some time is disheartening to … Continue reading Spring 2019 Update

So, 2018 happened

2018 was awesome. 2018 was terrible.  I can say both of those things because I don't think an entire span of 365 days can be encompassed in one descriptor.  The year had its highs and lows. In terms of highs, I self-published a book!  And it was so well-received by people whose opinions actually matter … Continue reading So, 2018 happened

Xander Portmanteau & Lyra Jones (of Cliche, by Allison Rose)

Our very own Xander and Lyra sat down to talk with Assaph Mehr, author of the Felix the Fox series, about their experiences as the pint-sized protagonists of Cliche. Come check it out!

The Protagonist Speaks

Dear readers, tonight with me are two characters that sprang out of their books to confront their authors. One, a handsome rogue, is the last chauvinist left in the feminist fantasy realm; the other is a space defender, struggling to be a strong female protagonist in books written by a pulp-fiction author.

They are here to tell us about their adventures.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

Xander: My background is of little importance.

Lyra: *glares*

Xander: Oh, all right.

I was born in the village of Scrubbleypot, a three-day trek from the Landrian capital. My father was a knight in the old king’s royal guard, and died a warrior’s death on the battlefield, leaving behind his wife with child, a farm, and a cow. I was the child, and I had a miserable upbringing. My mother thought little of…

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Cliche is out NOW!

At long last, I'm happy to announce that Cliche by Allison Rose (that's me) and Aerin S. Grey (that's my amazing co-conspirator) is now available for purchase from Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle!  (And if you're in the US feeling particularly generous, you can also get an autographed version of the book from my newly-formed Ecwid … Continue reading Cliche is out NOW!