Writerly, Readerly, Geeky Guest Posters Wanted!

I'm looking for guest posts from individuals (not companies), which have something to do with writing/reading books, or even geeky, fandom-related stuff (because I have a soft spot for geeky stuff).  If there's another topic that you feel would also be relevant on this blog, please feel free to pitch it as well! These posts … Continue reading Writerly, Readerly, Geeky Guest Posters Wanted!

“I Write MG/YA” author blog tag

Let's see if I can start a blog tag going.  The purpose of this tag is helping MG and YA authors of all levels of accomplishment get to know each other by answering a combination of random, funny, or frank writerly questions.  If you write stories for young readers, be it for fun or as … Continue reading “I Write MG/YA” author blog tag