My Review of Rogue One [MINIMAL SPOILERS]

Rating: 5/5 stars! Rogue One chronicles the events leading up to Star Wars: A New Hope, with emphasis on the "Rebel spies" who obtained the Death Star plans that Luke and co. used to save the day.  In a mere span of forty-eight hours, who knew so much went on?  And who were these spies?  … Continue reading My Review of Rogue One [MINIMAL SPOILERS]

Writer’s Jukebox: “Heroes” by David Bowie I find this song to be quite relaxing to listen to while writing - it's catchy and its epic, upbeat nature keeps me on my toes.  While I enjoy the sound of the late, great Bowie's voice, I find it a tad distracting in this song.  (I read that this song was originally composed … Continue reading Writer’s Jukebox: “Heroes” by David Bowie