Album Review: After Laughter by Paramore

Rating: 4/5 stars Recommended for: Paraholics ages 14+ Caveats: Mild language in 2/12 songs, depressing themes throughout We did a brave thing and preordered this album.  The physical copy is still on its way as I write this, but literally the minute the album was released, we were sent a digital copy to enjoy in … Continue reading Album Review: After Laughter by Paramore

Writer’s Jukebox: “Heroes” by David Bowie I find this song to be quite relaxing to listen to while writing - it's catchy and its epic, upbeat nature keeps me on my toes.  While I enjoy the sound of the late, great Bowie's voice, I find it a tad distracting in this song.  (I read that this song was originally composed … Continue reading Writer’s Jukebox: “Heroes” by David Bowie