“I Write MG/YA” author blog tag

Let's see if I can start a blog tag going.  The purpose of this tag is helping MG and YA authors of all levels of accomplishment get to know each other by answering a combination of random, funny, or frank writerly questions.  If you write stories for young readers, be it for fun or as … Continue reading “I Write MG/YA” author blog tag

Kindle Worlds – Kind of Disappointing

Two years ago, I wrote about an interesting new project called Kindle Worlds.  In short form, they are an official Amazon Kindle program that allows writers to publish and profit from fanfictions of existing franchises that they've acquired licenses to, like G.I. Joe, Pretty Little Liars, Veronica Mars, and Gossip Girl.  Two of my favorite … Continue reading Kindle Worlds – Kind of Disappointing