My Review of Rogue One [MINIMAL SPOILERS]

Rating: 5/5 stars! Rogue One chronicles the events leading up to Star Wars: A New Hope, with emphasis on the "Rebel spies" who obtained the Death Star plans that Luke and co. used to save the day.  In a mere span of forty-eight hours, who knew so much went on?  And who were these spies?  … Continue reading My Review of Rogue One [MINIMAL SPOILERS]

Ch1Con Giveaway: Last Chance!

A few weeks ago, Julia from the Chapter One Young Writers' Conference guest-posted and shared a Rafflecopter giveaway for a free manuscript critique.  There are three days left to enter, and if you haven't entered already, I encourage you to do so.  It's too good an opportunity to pass up! Also, you can click here … Continue reading Ch1Con Giveaway: Last Chance!

On Star Wars and Writing – Guest Post by Julia Byers

Hi everyone!  I've been invited to take part in the 2016 Chapter One Young Writers Conference blog tour, featuring guest posts, interviews, and giveaways from the esteemed founders all around the writerly blogosphere.  Julia, Ch1Con's amazing founder, is here with us today to talk about how the Star Wars film franchise has influenced her as … Continue reading On Star Wars and Writing – Guest Post by Julia Byers