When I’m Not Writing

When I was ten years old, I thought I writing was going to be my job when I grew up.  I still write for fun, but it’s not my only hobby.

Voice Acting

I’ve been lending my voice to a handful of (mostly amateur but, all the same, pretty awesome) projects.  At the moment, I’m mostly interested in voice acting for the experience.  Click here to see my VA portfolio page!

Cosplay + Prop-Building

I’ve been attending geeky conventions in the New England area since Fall 2016.  My friend sews amazingly and I enjoy making prop weaponry and other accessories from inexpensive materials.  Here are some of my most recent projects:

I blog sporadically about my prop-building and cosplaying adventures here.  If you think you’ve seen me before at a convention, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Graphic Design

I started out making eBook covers for other aspiring writers on the teen writing website Figment about three years ago.  Since then, I’ve started selling premade cover designs (available here) and have covered a few of my friends’ print books.


Despite being a voice actress, I don’t sing all that well; but I’m a self-taught guitarist with callouses on my fingertips to prove it.  Recordings coming soon-ish…?